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Great Journeys. Fascinating Places. Memorable Group Experiences.

Who We Are

Atelier of the Incentives is a NYC based Destination Management Company (DMC) with branches in Los Angeles, Miami and in Italy.  With a true passion for travel, hospitality and exploration, coupled with over 30 years’ experience in the Incentive Travel and Destination Management industries, we are equipped to tailor-make experiences that offer the right balance of professionalism, commitment, knowledge and creativity to take your expectations to the next level. At Atelier of the Incentives, “Tailor-Made” isn’t just a tagline. It’s our DNA.

Our client agencies around the World have selected Atelier of the Incentives to organize and execute events for the most prestigious companies and organizations in diverse sectors, markets and industries. We are honored and extremely grateful for the continued trust they  place in us.

Where We Go


We believe in providing a personal touch beyond just organizing your events.

All our designers have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we manage. Whether  your event will take place in a big city or surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the world, we commit to providing memorable experiences blending together customs, culture, lifestyle and arts.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique style of DMCing.

To DMC (v): to create memorable events and unique travel experiences in an incredible destination far away from home.


From snowcapped mountains to tropical beaches, from spectacular deserts to the most incredible national park systems on the planet; from the east coast to the west, one thing is incredibly certain: there is absolutely no shortage of awe-inspiring, utterly diverse, and incredibly beautiful places to visit in the USA.
A lifetime would not be long enough to see all of the best travel destinations in the USA, but that won’t stop us from offering them all to you.


From some of the world’s most iconic cities to the most picturesque small towns in the country, because of their distinctive architecture, their incredible attractions, natural settings or simply their unique lifestyles, from the east coast to the west, one thing is incredibly certain: there is absolutely no shortage of awe-inspiring, utterly diverse and incredibly beautiful places to visit in the USA.
Our home country boasts a huge variety of cities, small towns and other gorgeous places. A lifetime would not be long enough to see all of the best travel destinations in the USA, but that won’t stop us from offering them all to you.


This is our fun way to present you some of our destinations. Every month Atelier of the Incentives will upload a new video featuring clips and images of popular, or not so popular, destinations in the U.S. The last image of the video, currently hidden by a question mark, will contain a close-up detail of an attraction of one of the destinations featured in the video. Be the first one to guess correctly the hidden detail and win a complimentary amenity or concession for your next event with us. Collect five wins and receive a complimentary room night for your Group Coordinator traveling with your guests. Let's test how well you know our destinations and how much attention you really pay to details!
And if you wish to learn more about the destinations featured in this video, please reach out to us with any question you might have. We'd love to share with you more DETAILS about the endless possibilities the Golden State has to offer.

Home: What We Do
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What We Do

Every business manages events differently. We offer a wide range of resources and expertise
throughout the U.S with the ability to propose our clients an unlimited number of ideas and concepts.
Whether your business requires planning for annual meetings, the launch of new products, incentive retreats to boost sales or to reward productivity, Atelier’s Designers are committed to providing creative, unique, original and compelling ideas for any of your group travel needs.


Having worked on a variety of events, from briefings to seminars and from Boards of Directors to large conventions, we have the knowledge and know-how to help you create the most memorable experiences for your attendees. We are here to consult on all aspects of your program development and we provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of comparable properties and venues in the U.S to help you find the best solution for your event.


Atelier’s primary focus is always on the client and the expectations of our clients are met through customized programs created through our innovative blend of professionalism, unlimited resources and above all – our people, your Event Designers.
Our staff teams with diverse specialties and answers every travel need. Together we will create the most suitable program for your company with particular attention to the field of specialty of your business, developing winning solutions and team-building activities within the parameters of your budget.
Whether you need to incorporate meetings or simply reward participants for a job well done, we'll help you meet your business objectives and create lasting memories by designing a superior group experience that brings people together in a meaningful and productive way.



Our Trend-Scouting Programs are specifically designed for companies in search for the newest trends and styles in the most avant-garde cities of the States.

Our programs  allow clients to experience the latest trends with itineraries aimed to discover what's new in the hotel, entertainment, restaurant, wellness, restaurant and retail industries, collecting inputs and ideas form the hippest areas of the US.


Atelier's Designers have developed ad-hoc programs for some of the most relevant Art Foundations and Cultural Organizations worldwide. We have the knowledge and the expertise to organize visits to the greatest American Museums as well as to the most prestigious galleries  in the US.


Atelier has a long-standing reputation in organizing logistics for the most prestigious International sporting teams during the International Champions Soccer Cup and Basketball World Tours.


Atelier created numerous Workshops and Seminars in partnership with many Silicon Valley Companies, Start Ups and Innovation Centers showcasing disruptive technologies that will impact businesses in any sectors from Finance to Automotive.


Atelier supports and promotes Corporate Social Responsability Activities for groups wanting to contribute to projects that have a lasting, positive impact to the destinations where they are gathering.


These efforts can help to establish friendly, long-term connections to the destinations while strengthening the cohesiveness of the business group and building skills such as efficiency, organization and inclusivity.

Please ask us what we can do together to help communities in need in the destinations you are visiting.

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